Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beautiful Wreck by Larissa Brown "Exciting!" "Exquisite!" @vikinglovestory

In a bleak future built on virtual reality, Ginn is a romantic who yearns for something real. She designs environments for people who play at being Vikings. But when her project goes awry, she’s stranded in the actual 10th century, on a storybook farm in Viking Iceland.

Heirik is the young leader of his family, honored by the men and women who live on his land. But he is feared and isolated because of a terrible curse. Ginn and Heirik are two people who never thought they would find a home in someone else’s heart. When forces rise against them to keep them apart, Ginn is called on to decide—will she give up the brutal and beautiful reality of the past? Or will she have the courage to traverse time and become more of a Viking than she ever imagined? 

What readers are saying:

“A saga worthy of the firesides of the Vikings... lavishly woven into a story about loving family, dangerous plots, and lost love. ~Paranormal Romance Guild

“Exquisite. The kind of book that makes you hold your breath and keep turning pages.”  ~Laura Stanfill, award-winning author of Brave on the Page

“With a plot as exciting as it is bold, and with characters as real and important as family, Larissa Brown's BEAUTIFUL WRECK weaves an intensely gripping tale about the strength of women and the love they carry. This is the story we've been waiting for.” ~Rachael Herron, bestselling author of Pack Up the Moon

“A romance, no doubt, but reads like literature, like historical fiction and poetry.” ~All About Romance

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