Monday, July 28, 2014

Your Love is King by Adrienne Thompson #Inspirational Read @A_H_Thompson

"A Great Read!"
~Vine Voice Reviewer

Plus-sized single-mom Marli Meadows is tired of the monotonous rhythm of an unfulfilled life. She is stuck in a perpetual cycle of low self-esteem and bad decisions. With her daughter approaching adulthood, Marli decides to make a change and leaves behind her dysfunctional parental ties and going-nowhere relationship with an occasional boyfriend in exchange for a travel nursing job in another state.

Enter the handsome Chris King, who oozes confidence and pursues Marli relentlessly. Chris is white. Marli is African American. And therein lies the first of her issues with their would-be relationship. Your Love Is King is an Edgy Inspirational Interracial Romance novel that chronicles one woman's journey toward self-acceptance and love.

What readers are saying:

“…deeply moving story… [that] I highly recommend.”

“Readers who've ever felt unworthy and unlovable because of their weight will find redemption in this book!”

“Marlie and Chris are born fighters. Circumstances that could have made other couples cave only united them. Outwardly they were an odd couple but they fit so perfectly. They shored up each other weakness. I loved that they weren't perfect. I enjoyed reading their journey as couple. I hope there is a sequel.”

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