Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Stand by @NikiBurnham #YA #Romance

When do you fight and when do you walk away?

High school junior Toby Maitland is having the time of his life. He's landed a gorgeous, witty--and face it, totally stacked--girlfriend named Amber, he made the cross-country team, and he has a decent shot at becoming first chair sax. But when Amber goes ballistic mid-makeout session over Toby's refusal to have sex, he stands his ground despite the fact his best friend thinks he's insane and Amber's ex stirs up trouble.

Could Toby's battle with Amber mean the beginning of the end of his perfect year?

What reviewers are saying:

"...likely to go over big with teens in search of solace for their own romantic misadventures." ~Publishers Weekly

"...this box of candy for the lovelorn satisfies." ~Kirkus

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