Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Getaway Groom by @GinnyBaird #SweetRomance

Summer Grooms, Book 4

Mark Delacroix is on the run from heartache. While his job setting up factories for DelaStar Drafts demands mobility, it’s really his trouble with women that keeps Mark on the move. When Mark meets Ivy Green, his whole world changes. She’s smart and sweet, and helps him see country life in a brand-new light. But can a pretty Southern belle change a big-city bachelor’s mind about his destiny?

It’s taken Ivy Green a lifetime to sort things out. What she wants and whom she loves, including which guy she can’t get over. When Mark Delacroix arrives in Rosemont, the locals worry he’ll destroy the town. Yet, he hopes to rebuild it, with Ivy’s help. In return, Mark plays Ivy’s date at her ex-fiancĂ©’s wedding, so she can prove to Rosemont – once and for all – that she’s left
Austin behind. But when she does, will another man take his place in her heart? 

What readers are saying:

“…a love story that will warm your heart and curl your toes.”

“If you enjoy books that are clean, realistic, and light hearted, then I highly recommend this book.”

“Ginny Baird seems to have no trouble at all making us feel as though we are actually a part of her stories and I, for one, wish I were...”

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