Monday, June 8, 2015

Peace, Love, And Romance ~ #Bargain $0.99 @NanReinhardt @DErnst1

Available for Pre-order!

Ten of today's hottest and bestselling authors bring you Peace, Love & Romance—a collection of full-length novels, some sweet, some sizzling, all celebrating women who have loved, lost, and triumphed. 

Books in this bundle include:

Out Of The Box, Regifted – Jennifer Theriot
Scary Modsters – Diane Rinella
Cheating To Survive – Christine Ardigo
Chain of Title - Robyn Roze
A Different Kind Of Forever - Dee Ernst
Tahoe BluesAubree Lane
Tropical Nightmares – Kelly Cozzone
The Fizgig – Jill Cox Vogt
Doubling Back To Love - Rebecca Warner
Sex and the Widow Miles - Nan Reinhardt

Find this BARGAIN bundle:

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Bringing you the best romance books available!


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