Friday, June 5, 2015

Rhal The Ujal by @AuthorErinTate ~ #Kindle #Paranormal #Series

Cara Marte caught Rhal fa Adar—Ujal assassin—in a lie and the love she holds for him slowly dies. When she realizes their relationship is truly done, she goes to the Intergalactic Mating Agency to find a mate. Except, even as she leaves Rhal behind, he screws with her future. Because Cara is unmatchable and it’s his fault.

RHAL is a five-part serial (like a TV show) with a new installment out every Friday. The entire storyline will be available for FREE with Kindle Unlimited, or you can wait to download the full story as a bundle for $2.99. 

What readers are saying:

“Hot, hot, hot!”

“Lots of twists and turns to keep you entertained.”

“I love this series. This book is well written and keeps you coming back for more.”

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