Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hell's Chapel by @CeliaKyle #FREE #Kindle

Caith Morningstar, Book 1 ~ FREE

I’m Caith Morningstar: bar owner, leather wearer, shoe worshipper, werewolf, Orlando’s resident ass kicker and… Satan’s niece.

In the tween—between On High and Hell—I’ve got three rules: order, secrecy, and if you can’t manage that at least have some discretion. Wait, make that four: no one screws with me or my stuff. Orlando—land of that famous mouse—is my home and people are either gonna get in line or get out.

Except someone didn’t get that memo. Now, I’m gonna bust out my bat and smash some heads. I’ve got zombies demolishing my home, vamps chasing me, and on top of the normal violence in my life, I’m quickly falling for an angel.

I can handle the blood, gore, and frustration, but can I deal with the pain of loving—possibly losing—the angel Samkiel? Probably not, but I’m gonna try anyway.

Warning: Sometimes love gets buried in the flames of hell with a few dead bodies piled on top and it takes a while to dig it back out. When it comes to Caith and Sam... they definitely need more than one book to get the job done. 

What readers are saying:

“I will read again and again!”

“Entranced through the whole thing! Hilariously Funny!”

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