Monday, October 17, 2016

Loving Ellie by @Lindsey_Brookes #FREE for #KINDLE

FREE for Kindle!

Ellie Sanders is pregnant and alone. Carrying a child she’d conceived the one and only time she’d lain with her closest friend, Jarrett Tanner. A man she’d agreed to marry for the sake of their child. A man she’d loved, but not as he’d deserved. And now he was gone.

Lucas Tanner returns home to settle his younger brother Jarrett’s estate only to discover his brother left behind a very pregnant fiancĂ©e. Having lost his own wife and their baby she’d been carrying years before, he’s bound and determined to stick around and make sure Ellie’s child makes it safely into the world. Even if it means facing the ghosts of his past.

One fears abandonment. The other fears loss. Can Ellie and Lucas put their painful pasts behind them and finally find true happiness? Or are the emotional walls they’ve built around their hearts too strong to tear down?

“A touching and sweet story.” ~Bumble Bee Reviews

“Just the right length to tell a nice romance story. Definitely had it's sad moments, cute moments, sweet moments and romance. Nice job!” ~G Culver

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