Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Basket Maker's Wife by @CaitLondon Free #Kindle #Nook iBooks and More!

Book 1 of the Basket Series is FREE
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Who is Nora Elliott? Does she know who she is as a woman, and what she is?

In Mill Haven, a small town in Missouri’s Ozarks, Nora safely escapes her horrifying past. Hardworking Nora has raised her sons and tended The Basket Shop and her best and only friend: elderly Jessie, the shop’s intuitive owner.

At forty-two, Nora isn’t prepared for the single romantic night with Dan, the man who has waited five years for Nora to recognize his love. Suddenly, she’s pregnant and unprepared for Dan’s love, and the gift that is hers to claim…

And her past is waiting to open….

What readers are saying:

“A very deep but interesting story. I enjoyed it very much.”

“Wonderful story about the bonds shared by women, a mother’s love, and friendship.”

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