Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Highland Lord by Colleen French 99¢ @Ginger2Faulkner #Kindle @iBooks #Nook

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Highland Lord, Book 2 of the Scottish Fire Series

Anne—the illegitimate daughter of Scotland's king, Robert the Bruce—awaits her betrothal as a ward of the Forrests of Rancoff Castle. Then Tor Henneson—a towering Viking warrior full of hell and fury—storms the keep, demanding his due from Rancoff, the father who abandoned him.

Yet it is feisty Anne who confronts Tor's deepest desires with her own. But now she must make a harrowing choice between duty... and a love that is destiny.

What readers are saying:

"Vikings and Highlanders... oh, my! Amazing!"

"...loving this series!"

"A beautiful, deeply emotional love story."

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