Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dark Demands, Taken For His Captive by Nell Henderson

This book is part of the Dark Demands Series

Gina Deverell is desperate for a job. But Matthew Dark doesn't employ women in the type of high-powered position Gina seeks. However, she intrigues him—she's blonde and beautiful—so he decides to broker a deal.

Gina finds Dark captivating. How can she not? He's handsome, wealthy, and utterly self-assured. She accepts his deal, but quickly discovers that this beautiful alpha male has a cold, controlling side. Dark operates within his own set of rules—strict methods that ensure he keeps a steel grip on everything in his life, including his women.

The dark and dangerous bargain takes Gina on an erotic roller coaster ride that introduces her to new and shocking aspects of her sexuality. Who knew being thoroughly dominated could be so…satiating? Before long, she is eager to satisfy every Dark demand.

Dark Demands is a romance with a sharp erotic edge, an intriguing journey into the world of wickedly sensuous pleasures.

Praise for Nell Henderson:

"...all I kept thinking while reading is this is a better written version of 50 Shades" ~for Bind Me Tight, Insatiable Need

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