Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kaleidoscope by Blanche Marriott

"Blanche Marriott, a brilliant writer, has done an excellent job on this book—not a boring moment (couldn't wait to turn the pages). The romance is titillating. I would invite you to read this book and see what beautiful music the Kaleidoscope and piano play together." ~Lee Darrow, the Lebanon Daily Record

This highly-rated book has a 4.8 star average! 

Money can't buy everything, least of all Janeen Warner's affections. She is bent on making a name for herself as a kaleidoscope designer and refuses to allow anything to stand in her way. Her iron will is tested when a famous composer, whose music captures her soul, steps into her life.

Georgios Andros has lost the magic of his music. Too many tours and recording sessions have left him empty and passionless. But when he looks into one of Janeen's kaleidoscopes, he sees the spirit and soul of the woman who created it, awakening music in his heart.

Trying to win Janeen's heart, Georgios uses his influence to pave her road to success. But Janeen wants that success on her own, without the help of Georgios's money or power. Will her stubbornness push him away, leaving her with an empty purse, and a pocket full of principles?

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"...a story with a full mosiac of emotions...the most important one being love!"

"I'd highly recommend this 5-star sweet contemporary romance!"

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  1. As with all of Blanche Marriott's stories, I was grabbed by the romance and the characters; I devoured Kaleidoscope in one sitting and I look forward to her future books!!

  2. A great writer. If you haven't tried one of Blanche Marriott's books you're really missing out.