Friday, October 5, 2012

Fair Play by Janna Shay

Forced to live a clandestine life, Danielle "Dani" Jordon believes she has found a safe haven in Las Vegas until she meets devastatingly handsome casino owner Jace Diamond. With his compelling sexual magnetism and mind-numbing kisses, Dani finds her world turned upside-down. Resisting the most compelling man she has ever met proves to be a task Dani doesn’t have the strength to fight.

Inexplicably drawn to her, Jace embarks on a relentless pursuit to make Dani his. It isn’t long before he finds himself totally in love, but can he convince Dani that she belongs with him?

Trapped in her life of deceit, Dani is afraid to admit her love for Jace or believe in a life without fear. Can Dani take the chance and trust Jace to provide the sanctuary she so desperately needs, or will that trust lead to the exposure of her secrets and destroy her life?


"I absolutely loved reading this book! It's hot ladies!!"

"This book is full of twists, so I don't want to spoil the story, but needless to say, this book is a wonderful romance and very suspenseful. I loved the hot chemistry between Dani and Jace...makes me want to go to Vegas!"

"The pace of the story is fast and fun...and her placement of pivotal scenes is right on."

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  1. Great feature, Janna. I think people are going to be drawn to the "Vegas" mood of this book.