Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Run Into The Wind by Lynn Hubbard

A Sizzling Historical Romance

Determined to take charge of her own life after her family is slaughtered before her eyes, Sabrina Lovett heads west and disembarks from a train to start anew. Hiding from her affluent brother, she takes on the guise of a boy. Everything is going well until the exasperating new Sheriff comes to town--and he's a man who is used to being in control. 

Brock Stafford is irritated to no end by the stable boy, Will, who challenges him at every turn. Aggravated by his own reaction to the boy, he tries to ignore him completely until tragedy brings them together. Sabrina trusts Brock with her life; but can she trust him with her secret?


"The intimacy scenes were pretty gratuitous and HOT!!! The book definitely held my interest. Overall, It was a very good story, right up there with Charlaine Harris (True Blood series)."  ~Myra

"...well written, sweet ... yet sensual, it flowed smoothly, and kept my interest to the end."  ~Cathy Farmer, Artist

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  1. Love the sepia-tone photograph for the cover. Good luck with your book. Awesome Romance Novels is, well, AWESOME!