Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In Search of Lucy by Lia Fairchild

"I knew from the very first page of In Search of Lucy that I would enjoy reading this book immensely and I was right." ~Tanya, All Things Books

"I really enjoyed this novel. I loved following Lucy on her journey. I thought Ms. Fairfield did an excellent job adding realism to this novel. Lucy was the perfect balance of hope and despair." ~Alice, Girls Just Read

"In her debut novel, Lia Fairchild shares a compelling tale with carefully drawn well-defined characters." ~Lynnette, Avid Book Reviews

Thirty-year-old Lucy Lang's in freefall. Unfulfilled at work and abandoned by both her alcoholic mother and the sister she helped to raise, she's become cynical and depressed. Then, just as romance strikes, she finds out her sister needs a kidney transplant and only Lucy can help. Bolstered by new found friends, Lucy sets out on a road trip to save her sister's life, and in the process, makes some life-changing self-discoveries.

This romantic drama is a full-length novel that will pull you into the world of its heroine and inspire you to see the true power of human relationships.

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