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The Wacky Women Series by Day Leclaire

USA Today Bestselling author Day Leclaire introduces The Wacky Women Series
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What readers are saying about the series:

"Funny, sexy, and most of all romantic..."

"lovable, unique characters, hysterical secondary characters--including a cross-eyed cat--with a story full of passion and heart."

"eloquent, sassy, sexy and most importantly full of romance."

 Book One - Once Upon a Ghost

Zach Kingston, physic professor and famous ghost debunker, despises con-artists who profit from ghostly scams. And he isn't about to change his mind just because this scammer's drop-dead gorgeous and offers the most seductive kisses. Ever.

Rachel Avery is just trying to save her family home. And no nasty, rotten—surprisingly handsome—cynic can change that. If only he weren't so damn sexy. And if only he didn't offer the most seductive kisses. Ever.

But they have a deal, witnessed by the media: If Zach can't scientifically disprove her ghost by Halloween, Rachel wins. Then Zach meets Rachel's grandmother and discovers the real reason the Averys are so desperate to sell their story.

Too bad his reputation is on the line...

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 Book Two - Once Upon a Cowboy

 Cami "Tex" Greenbush is 100% pure Texan, despite growing up in Virginia. Cowboying is in her blood. All she needs is one chance to prove it.

Holt Winston desperately needs a decent wrangler for his working Colorado dude ranch, and Tex Greenbush's resume seems perfect.

The instant Cami "Tex" Greenbush arrives at Holt's ranch, wearing a pink feathered Stetson and fringe hanging from every seam, he fires her on the spot. Unfortunately, they've agreed to a two-week trial and a cowboy—a real cowboy—is always true to his horse, his woman, and his word.

While Cami spends her days roping the ranch dog more often than the cows and dragging Holt through the mud, her sky-blue eyes and itty-bitty freckles have him kissing her as often as he wants to strangle her.

Maybe that's because he doesn't need a wrangler... He wants a wife.

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Book Three - Once Upon a Time

Handsome, efficiency-expert Julian Lord loves his rules.

Unfortunately, the mayhem at Willow's End is breaking every last one of them.

First there's his aunt's young and beautiful caretaker, Callie, Ms. Disorganization herself, who couldn't say "no" if her life depended on it. Then there's Brutus, Callie's 200-pound St. Bernard who thinks he's human, and his aunt's two juvenile delinquent fosters bent on tearing apart her house in search of her missing will.

Julian attempts to tame the juvenile delinquents. Callie is dedicated to un-taming him. But no one can tame Brutus. Watching all the craziness come together is simply too fascinating for the humongous beast, especially since he knows exactly where the will is hidden.

Too bad the old boy isn't talking....

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Look for these upcoming titles in The Wacky Women Series

Once Upon a Bridegroom (coming soon!)
Once Upon a Jinx (coming soon!)
Once Upon an Enchantment (coming soon!) 

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  1. I'm already reading one of Day's marvelously entertaining books from this series. Trust me, it's terrific! (And I'm picky.)

  2. I just ordered the whole set of these books and can't wait to dive in! It's no wonder Day Leclaire is such a popular romance author -- she always delivers the goods.

  3. Just bought all three. I'm really in the mood for some great contemporary romance, and Day Leclaire never disappoints!

  4. Huge thanks to Donna for advertising my Wacky Women series. It's been a total blast to write. I've thoroughly enjoyed diving back into each title, reworking the stories, and expanding them. There will be six books in total, the final one a brand new title written specifically for this series. I am having so much fun, it's downright criminal, lol!

    I'm delighted Jan, Deb, and Pat are enjoying the books. I hope others will give them a try! I think you'll enjoy the blend of humor, romance, and emotion.

    All the best,
    Day Leclaire

  5. Woo hoo - it worked - a perfect link! Thanks for being so persistent! Have a lovely day.