Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bad Habit by J.D. Faver

Romantic Times Magazine calls J.D. Faver 
"an author on the rise"!

In an effort to evade the men who killed her boyfriend, former model, Teri Slaughter, flees New York City and takes refuge in a San Antonio convent, masquerading as her own sister. But when hot and hunky homicide detective, Angel Garcia tries to protect her from the killers, he proves to be a threat to her heart. He takes her to the only “safe house” available: the one where he was raised. His parents and siblings take her in and teach her the real meaning of family and home. To protect the nuns, Teri uses herself as bait, leading the killers on a chase through Brackenridge Park on foot, miniature train and golf cart. In the end, the only one to catch her is Angel.


"A fake nun who used to be a model, the complicated dynamics of a big, warm family---plus a hot, protective cop. An author on the rise, Faver's Texas-set books reflect her pride in her home state and her love of both pulse-pounding action and a hot romance." ~Romantic Times Book Reviews

"The characters were great and the story really exciting. I absolutely could not put the book down until I finished it."

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