Friday, November 30, 2012

When Promise Meets Passion by Nicole Morgan

~A Siren Erotic Romance~

When Cole Bottego met Leah Allbright she was just a girl, the younger sister of his Marine buddy, Dex. Both of their lives were changed forever in 2007 when an IED killed Dex. In his friend’s final moments, Cole promised to always look out for Leah. Years pass and Cole keeps his promise. Now grown, Leah is a rookie police officer under the watchful eye of her police chief, Cole. The dynamics of their new roles prove to be more than either of them were prepared for. After years of being best friends they find their feelings changing and complicating their once-easy camaraderie. Will temptation prove to be too strong for either of them to resist as they’re given a chance to have something neither of them knew they wanted? Or will Cole push his desires aside because of a promise he made years earlier to a dying friend?


"The sexual tension in this book is just almost too much to take!! I loved it and could hardly wait to turn the page to find out what happened next!! The sex in the book certainly did not disappoint! A must read!!"

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