Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nightfall by Norah Wilson

Vampire Romance

Aiden Afflack (a vampire) is as charming, sexy and easy-going as he is gorgeous. Unless you happen to be a rogue vampire, in which case he’s apt to be the last thing you see. Sam Shea is a wildly successful nature photographer whose prescient dreams lead her to some of the world’s most turbulent, awe-inspiring weather phenomena.

When their paths cross and Aiden discovers that his proximity to Sam warps her psychic power, causing her to hone in on vampire violence instead of violent weather, he knows he’s found a priceless tool in his fight to rid the world of rogues.

Sam has a deep-rooted aversion to having her powers exploited, but once her eyes have been opened to the lives she can help save, she can’t withhold her cooperation. But she can deny Aiden the other thing he wants from her, which makes her unique among women. And absolutely irresistible to Aiden!


"Norah Wilson got me hooked. She knows how to create and develop a plot - suspenseful, intriguing, genuine, unpredictable - with credible characters (yes, even the vampires!) She has given me many hours of delightful and intelligent reading."

"A romance that flows smoothly and is beautiful in its sensuality, Nightfall is a novel that once again proves Norah's ability to never fail in delivering exactly what the reader wants!"

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