Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daisies Are Forever by Sydell Voeller

"A Joy To Read..."

April Heatherton, history teacher and volunteer firefighter, is determined to protect the land she holds dear, particularly the grave of an unknown pioneer woman who once trekked the Oregon Trail. Proposed logging operations are encroaching, and April soon finds herself organizing a local task force to try to stop them. Yet when April meets handsome Matt Spencer, son of the owner of Johnson Brothers Logging Company, she much reckon with her escalating attraction to him. Matt, one of a growing breed of displaced loggers, is also determined to fight for his beliefs - the right to make an honest living harvesting the timber. Can April and Matt overcome their differences? Or will their convictions forever keep them apart?


"Sydell Voeller is one of the best writers of contemporary romance today. "Daisies are Forever" was a joy for me to read."

"This is a great story where love exists in spite of strong opposing opinions. Syndell Voeller weaves a believable tale that leaves us saying `way-to-go' for a heroine that doesn't crumble when the pressure is on and `bravo' for a hero who does more than the right thing."

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