Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Night Prowlers by Karen McCullough

Contemporary Romance

Graduate assistant Jan Lindell has her hands full supervising a team of archaeology students as they excavate the site of a Colonial-era inn in central Virginia. Sweltering heat, feuding students, vandalism, a visit from the local lunatic fringe, and complaints from the handsome son of the property’s owner are all complications she doesn’t need.

Her problems increase when it becomes clear someone doesn’t want them around. Van
dalism turns into threats and then attacks on the students. On the bright side, when Gary Simpson, whose mother owns and lives on the property, assists her in the effort to thwart and identify the assailants, they discover a mutual attraction.

But someone seriously wants to stop them. When the attacks escalate and threaten to turn deadly, Jan realizes she’s fighting for more than a graduate degree and an archaeological site. All of their lives may be at stake.

About the author:  Karen McCullough's first novel was published in 1990 by Avalon Books, which is now part of Amazon. Since then she's had about a dozen books published by various publishers. She finds it difficult to stick to one genre, writing mysteries, romantic suspense, fantasy, and paranormal. Find her website by clicking here.

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