Friday, September 14, 2012

Courting the Devil by Kathy Fischer-Brown

The Serpent's Tooth - Book 2

In Kathy Fischer-Brown's Courting the Devil, published by Books We Love, four years after a near fatal blunder uproots her from her home and inheritance, Anne Darvey, daughter of the Marquess of Esterleigh, finds herself an indentured servant on a farm near Fort Edward in New York, as the British army advances toward Albany. Driven by guilt over the pain she has caused her father and grief over her lover’s death, she sets out to deliver a message. The consequences lead to the discovery that all is not as it seems, and sets in motion events that lead to love and danger.

Set against the backdrop of the American Revolution, Courting the Devil is the second book in “The Serpent’s Tooth” trilogy, which follows Anne from her childhood in the rural English countryside, to London society, and into the center of the American Revolution.

"An exciting American Revolutionary Sequel"

"The author...knows the period well. Her characters are three-dimensional..."

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  1. Kathy Fischer-Brown is an outstanding writer who captures emotions like no other writer I've read. She deserves many accolades for her writing.

    1. Shirley Martin is no slouch either :-) Thanks, Shirley!

  2. Loved this exciting book and look forward to the final installment in the Lord Esterleigh's Daughter Trilogy!

  3. Hi Kathy,
    Another masterpiece from you. Mega sales I hope.