Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Perfectly Star-Crossed by Victoria Rose

Being star crossed lovers from rival families is bad enough. 

Then one family orders a hit on the other.

Lies, love, and murder are all a normal part of the only life Delilah has ever known. Deception laced with blood and revenge, she has learned, is necessary to survival. She is a willing pawn in this dangerous game...until she finds she is falling in love with Isaiah. Suddenly Delilah realizes she must conjure her own lies--protect her own secrets--and she is shocked by how far she will to go to save the one she has been ordered to kill.

What readers are saying about Victoria Rose:

"Not your typical romance read. This book has a little more edge in the story and a little more romance combined. I look forward to seeing what happens to Delilah and Isaiah next ......the two main characters where interesting and smartly written."

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