Friday, September 21, 2012

Secrets in the Lowcountry - The River by Janet Cooper

This is the first book of a series. Three reviews, 5-star average.

Stranded at the altar is every girl’s secret nightmare. When it happens to Taylor Harris, she is certain a dreadful accident has befallen Rod, the love of her life. Having grown up in the Lowcountry, Taylor understands that behind the sacred beauty of the river lurks a formidable adversary. A pleasant fishing trip can turn to life-altering tragedy in an instant. She joins the desperate search for her missing fiancĂ©e.

Jeff Benjamin has spent his whole life pining for Taylor, but she sees him as nothing more than a big brother. He has watched his once best friend, Rod Pinckney, entrap her with his pretty words and empty promises. How can Jeff tell Taylor that Rod isn't the knight in shining armor she believes him to be? If what Jeff suspects is true, Taylor's heart will surely be broken, her spirit shattered. And Jeff will do anything to keep her from harm and hold onto her cherished friendship. But he may have kept his silence for far too long.

Taylor and Jeff have more than swift currents and hungry alligators to deal with as they search for Rod. But when the bodies begin turning up and they find their own lives in danger, no one is prepared for the shocking Secrets in the Lowcountry.


"Wonderful descriptive language."

" amazing and rich with details. She is my favorite writer."

"This story has it all - a great and surprising mystery - love and romance - and humor that makes you laugh out loud."  

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  1. "Secrets in the Lowcountry--The River" is the first in a series. Each will contain romance and mystery. And all will take place in the Lowcountry--a magical place. Picture a huge umbrella shape live oak with Spanish moss dripping from the branches. One, so heavy, it touches the ground--gaining support--then grows upward toward the deep, blue sky. Next, a quickly flowing river skims near the base of our oak as it rushed to the sea. A large, black snake curls around the tree search for his next meal, or perhaps just for shade. Finally, the air filled with the smell of salt brine. This is the Lowcountry, the perfect setting for love and intrigue.

  2. Donna, thanks for doing this. You are a true supporter of Romance and all ebooks. Janet

  3. Thanks for making my day so special.

  4. Thanks to everyone who downloaded SECRETS IN THE LOWCOUNTRY--THE RIVER. The numbers of people who did amazed me. Today's the last day to get the book free.