Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Lawman for Maggie by Sharon Ihle

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Maggie Thorne and her daughter Holly have been waiting for Holly’s father who left seven years ago with the promise to return.

Hopefully this year will be different, with the help of Texas Ranger, Matt Weston.

It didn’t take Matt long to find his quarry and nail the man for the scoundrel he is. But Rafe is the man Maggie wants, no matter how desperately Matt would like to claim the honey-haired beauty for his own.

While Mat strives to turn the deadbeat father into something decent, Maggie faces a new dilemma: explaining to the man working so hard to make her 'almost' husband presentable that she has fallen impossibly in love with him—and only him.

Previously titled: Maggie's Wish


"...just the right dose of humor and steam... a western romance packed full of flavor!" ~Amy Wilson, Literary Times

"Great characters, delicious story..."

"...bound to make you laugh and cry - sometimes simultaneously!"

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