Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In The St. Nick of Time by K. M. Daughters

The Sullivan Boys: Book Five

All the Sullivans are good cops… The last Sullivan is a girl. Can she stack up against the boys?

Kay Sullivan Lynch, reinstated to the Chicago Police Department after two years as a widowed mom of four, not only plans to excel on the force, but to show her brothers—who opposed her return to “the job”—that she’s up to the challenge.

Captain Flynn Dowd, battling demons of his own, empathizes with Kay’s struggles—but Sidewalk Santas collecting for the hungry are dropping dead all over Chicago. No apparent motive, no identifiable MO. It’s up to Kay and Flynn to stop the "Santa Slayer."

As they race against time to stop the killer, Kay’s grief-deadened senses awaken to Flynn's overwhelming sexual magnetism. But when he becomes more than just her partner, will her kids' opposition force her to choose between motherhood and her man?


"This book was a wonderful continuation of the Sullivan saga. I love the characters and have enjoyed getting to know them over the course of the series."

"A sexy, suspense-filled mystery..."

"This was the story of Kay Sullivan and her struggle with the loss of her husband, going back to work and being a single parent with 4 kids. Great read! Well done..."

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