Monday, December 17, 2012

Annabelle by Akalle

~A Sexy Regency Romp~

Annabelle meets her match in this sexy Regency romp...

Temerity and misjudgment sweep our imperfect heroine into romance as she battles other ladies at elegant dinners, plays the Gothic heroine trapped in a crumbling castle in the Highlands, and accidentally steals a pug in London.

From the author:

Annabelle is the product of six years work spread over a decade. She's like an old friend that's become a part of my life to the point that it's hard to believe she's not real. She means a lot to me and is my favorite character that I've written. But she can be surprising at times for a romance heroine. She's wrong about everything even as she has a way of being right. We tend to laugh at her, not with her. But in her heart she's good and loyal. So hopefully, you'll root for her as I did as she schemes and falls in love.  


"I enjoyed Ms Akalle's crisp unfussy writing style, the way she depicts the period, and her sense of humor."

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