Friday, December 28, 2012

Her Christmas Prince by Caroline A. Godin

~Love in the Keys~

Callie Meyers is in a mess. Her weasel boyfriend dumped her two weeks before Christmas and she hasn't told her mother about the break up yet.

Just when Callie thinks all is lost and she'll be spending another holiday at the kids' table drinking margaritas solo, a handsome stranger comes to her aid and pretends to be her boyfriend, just through Christmas. Could the gorgeous and mysterious Henry actually be 'the one' for Callie?

Things go crazy when the press find out royalty is on the loose in the
Florida Keys and that they could have their very own American Kate Middleton! When Callie finds out Henry's actually an incognito prince who might just have marriage on his mind, she's stunned. Could a royal really love an ordinary chef and cafe owner? Could Prince Henry of Laurenia marry her even if he wanted to?

A sweet romance set in the fictional small town of
Sunnyside Key, Florida, HER CHRISTMAS PRINCE is the first book in the Love in the Keys series of tropical flavoured seasonal novellas.


"A good story line isn't enough to create a successful novel. A book needs characters that you can connect to, scenarios that you can relate to and a writing style that flows well and Caroline A. Godin has achieved all of this." ~Kati Thompson

"The author keeps us guessing for a while as the plot twists and turns, but also, amongst the fun and games, finds time to bring out the true meaning of Christmas. It's shown as time of families and love and not all about the materialistic glitz and glamor. This book is more than the light novella it might appear. There is plenty to think about - family pressures and values, individuality and independence, duty and happiness. This is a clever, Christmassy book that is unusual, atmospheric, very enjoyable."

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