Friday, December 21, 2012

The Sword and the Pen by Elysa Hendricks

~For love...any man can be a hero~

It was time. After penning ten popular sword-and-sorcery novels, Brandon Alexander Davis was ready to move on. Ready to stop hiding in his fictional world. Ready to start living a real life. There was just one problem: as he plotted the noble death of Serilda D'Lar, his fictional creation, complete with mile-long sword, skimpy leather outfit and badass attitude, appeared in his study.

Was she nothing more than a crazy fan, or had Brandon finally cracked?

This warrior woman whom he knew so well, so strong yet vulnerable, was both fantasy and reality. She was an invitation to rediscover all he once knew--that life is an incredible, magical journey and, for love, any man can be a hero.


"Once I started "The Sword and the Pen", I could not lay it down! It is so good! "The Sword And The Pen" is a BLAST! It is a very fun, and entertaining fantasy romance. This story is different and fresh."

"In a genre often dominated by flawless, broad-shouldered leads that seem more closely related to statues than men, Brandon is wholly and deliciously human. The characters bring a solidness to the story and by bringing them to life, Ms. Hendricks makes you believe in the impossible."

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