Monday, December 31, 2012

Hell and Hellion by Olivia Waite

~Paranormal Erotica~

Last year Virginia Greening made a perilous journey into Hell to rescue the man she hoped to marry. Instead he wed someone else—and Virginia’s only reward is an uncomfortable ability to see the demons who haunt the upper ranks of society. How do you make polite conversation when something green and evil is leering at you over another person’s shoulder? 

Incubus James Grieve is intrigued to realize one evening that a brown-haired mortal woman is staring right at him. Her unique ability to see him is soon eclipsed by the power of their mutual attraction. James has no soul to save, and Virginia’s soul is off-limits by infernal decree, so it isn’t long before they’re indulging in any number of passionate sins and pleasurable vices. 

Until, that is, James acquires a soul of his own.


"Hell and Hellion is one of the most enjoyable reads I've picked up in a long time. Ms. Waite completely turns the story around. Generally, girl meets boy, they feel attraction, then fight through whatever difficulties present as they fall in love. In Hell and Hellion, Virginia and James know right from the start that they want each other--though it's only physical at first. The issues surrounding their involvement only stem after they've developed an attachment to one another. It was a refreshing change of pace." -- Long and Short Reviews

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