Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Forest Fires by Tara Mills

~Some sparks will catch...some will consume~

Cocky Charley Jensen doesn’t mince words. She knows how to handle herself, doesn’t shy away from hard work, loves tinkering with her pickup, and is far more comfortable with a tool belt hanging off her hips than an apron. However, Charley’s a failure at personal relationships, more experienced throwing punches and insults than her arms around someone. She’s way out of her comfort zone when she strays across a clean cut babe, emphasis on babe, stranded in the woods. Her cool and dismissive assessment of Drake Carver is entirely wrong but correcting someone this opinionated isn't easy.

Don’t let this biologist’s Oxford shirt fool you. Drake’s tough, used to roughing it, and not afraid to be tested. He’s just never encountered a women quite like Charley which, in his opinion, makes her ideal for his purposes. As they dance around their obvious attraction and continue to butt heads time is running out. Drake needs to make his proposition before the birds fly. Unfortunately, Charley kicks him out of her bed and her life right when he was about to clinch the deal. And here he thought outrunning a forest fire was going to be the hardest thing he faced this summer.


"Terrific heart pounding action sequences and sizzling romance."

"From the first paragraph, Tara Mills' Forest Fires was burning hot on my eReader! The chemistry between Drake and Charley was hot, their banter fun and the underlying tension of the book kept me turning pages as quickly as I could."

"Oh, this was good! Tara Mills takes us on a fun adventure through mountains and forests and breathtaking views, but all those pale in comparison to the strength of her characters and her storyline."

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  1. This is a wonderful novel. I grew up in small town, pine country, and Tara captured the atmosphere beautifully. Her heroine is strong, bright and... that hair!... beautiful, her hero an intriguing blend of nerdy scientist and loveable hunk. The chemistry between them burns as hot as a forest fire. May you have many sales, Tara!