Friday, December 7, 2012

Independence by Janet Cooper

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Dec 7-9th

The year is 1786, and the rebellious Katherine Randolph is an unceasing embarrassment to her high-brow British family. Challenging Jonathan Drew to a curricle race tips the scales to such a degree that she is exiled to America where she is to remain until society forgets her latest faux pas.

Jonathan Drew, a British spy, is also sent to America. His government has learned that the French are seeking American support to stir an uprising in Canada, and Jonathan's orders are to destroy the operation.

Katherine loves living in America. The very air is scented with a radical liberation that speaks to her, and she is thrilled to become involved in the Constitutional Convention. Jonathan is drawn to Katherine's unfettered spirit; she so represents everything this new country stands for. Although Katherine is attracted to Jonathan, she is unwilling to give up her free lifestyle. She has no desire to wed or lose the precious independence she has discovered.

Can Katherine and Jonathan work together to thwart the rebellion? Will they come to understand that an independent heart can still find love?

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  1. Having the US Constitution as a background for the story allowed Katherine and Jonathan new turned soil as they searched for Independence from traditional English life.

  2. Please send me comments to my email Many thanks and please enjoy Independence.