Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Food of Love by Anne R. Allen

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A historical comedy mystery romance of the 1990s

“Anne Allen never behaves herself in fiction.… If you’re looking for a good time, trust Anne…to provide a fun and funny read.” —Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of Pay It Forward and Jumpstart the World

“A mix...as bubbly as a double chocolate milkshake.... Pack this one to add punch to your holiday reading.” —South Yorkshire Times

“Once I sat down to read this book, I could not get up until I’d finished it. This hilarious page-turner packs a profound satirical bite. It’s a Hollywood romp that provides romance, mystery, and an honest confrontation with the human condition. Food of Love is a funny and powerfully healing book.” —Lucia Capacchione, PhD, bestselling self-help author, Recovery of Your Inner Child

“Gripping...a perfect beach read...full of hope and fun... designed to keep you turning the pages.” —Gainsborough Standard

“A romping good read.” —Lincolnshire Echo

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  1. Food of Love is a complete stitch. You'll laugh out loud. You'll wake up your sweetheart at 2 AM to read passages aloud.