Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Drew Ruthin and The Blood of Changes by Tessa Stokes

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Volume Two of The Ruthin Trilogy 

Drew Ruthin and The Blood of Changes, Volume two, is the surprising follow-up to Volume one of The Ruthin Trilogy. Adult romantic suspense/ paranormal romance this book is suitable for eighteen years and up, and contains sex scenes, supernatural themes, and adult themes.
Who are the Ruthins? Or should that be what are they? Are we about to find out?
Set in Britain, we meet new characters in this second volume, and one in particular who is to have an impact on the lives of everyone.
Balthazar Crane is an ancient, and lives alone in the same town as Drew. He often watches the vampire Greta, and we begin to wonder if he has some secret feelings for her.
As we get to know Balathazar we realize that he is passionate and skilled in magic. When he falls deeply in love with one of the other magical beings in the community where Devon lives sparks fly.
Marguerite and Devon Ruthin receive a surprise, which changes their view of the magical community of beings they live amongst forever, and the feeling grows that they are far more dangerous and have more secrets than was revealed in volume one.
The book is heavily romantic, with a number of sensual love scenes. There is intrigue, and fun with the vampire community as usual and their opinions of their former leader Drew Ruthin.
Drew meanwhile is taken on his own life journey, which surprises him and everyone around him.
Danger is on the horizon for someone but it will be a surprise to readers just who is in danger this time.
The book is an epic love story, enticing and sensual.


"This is a fantastic book in a magical series. If you're looking for a paranormal romance to curl up and get lost in, then you can't go wrong with the Ruthin series. "

"Ms. Stokes writes in a lovely, hypnotic style that draws the reader into the world she so masterfully paints. I couldn't help but turn page after page, so immersedin the dream-like trance her writing creates. The end has me very anxious to find out what will happen as we are very definitely heading toward a huge event that could mean war between the vampires and ancients! Highly Recommended! "  

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  1. This one is perfect. Fantasy romance novel that includes vampires. I really want to read this real soon.