Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finding Refuge (Heart's Redemption) by Lucy Francis

Look! A Kindle Romance Novel for $3.99 / £2.66!

Travis Holt’s life is steadily pulling him under, and he’s fighting it. He’s running his family’s construction company, trying to save his addict brother from self-destruction, and dealing with the constant reminder of his personal failures, including the one that shattered his family. When a woman with a mythical name and a soul-warming smile throws him a lifeline, can he dare let himself take hold? Or will he just end up failing her, too?

Andromeda Miller has escaped Phoenix and come to Utah to sort out the mess her life has become. She needs a new start: new home, new job, new friends. When she meets a man whose heart is genuine and whose touch makes her crave him, will she let him into the new life she’s creating? Or will his personal demons hit too close to home and doom her to the same kind of consuming pain that destroyed her father?

Will these two damaged souls find refuge, or be swept away by their heartaches?


"... this book has deeply rich and believable characters, a great story, and a fine romance. It's the perfect combination for great read."

"I loved Mending Fences and I loved Finding Refuge also!! Wonderful characters and an engaging story!! Wonderful way to get away from life for a little bit!! amazon account is in my Hubby's name so it looks like a man is writing this review but I am a housewife that likes a good romance and this book was one good romance!!"

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  1. Awesome book, read it in 2 days would have done it in a day if I did not have to go to hard to put it down.

  2. This was such a great read! The characters were so deep, the story sexy, and I loved the ending.

  3. With just the book cover, I know this will be a great story. I hope I could read this soon.