Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Magic by Sydell Voeller

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 /  £1.95!

When her fiance calls off their engagement, veterinarian assistant Lisa Prentice joins the circus in hopes of escaping the everyday grind. But life under the big top isn't quite what she expected. None of the veterinarian's former assistants managed to please their short-tempered boss, and Lisa fears that her days are numbered, too. Michael Figaro, a dashing young trapeze artist, is also caution about whether Lisa can stay, and because of that, he tries to keep his distance. Still, Lisa finds herself overwhelmingly attracted to him. Although Michael is the aerialist, it is Lisa who is flying on an emotional high wire. What happened to her safety net? Will their love survive?


"This book is an example of the perfect romance. I enjoyed Ms. Voeller's ability to switch between the point of views of Lisa and Michael. I felt I knew all the characters very well. There were a few side plots beyond Lisa and Michael's romance, and I found that they only enhanced the feeling of the story. This is a great story to read in one sitting and spend a few hours swept away in the magic of the circus." --Bethany Payne, Round Table Reviews

"This is a story that will draw the reader in and keep them engrossed. I loved how this tender, sweet romance played out. Michael and Lisa were perfect for each other but also had their own fears to quell while trying to create a relationship. Summer Magic is the type of book that would make you think of happily ever after and is one that I will recommend to family and friends." --Sheryl, eCataRomance


  1. Hi Sydell,

    Lovely cover and great excerpt. I always wanted to join the circus.



  2. Great book excerpt. I wish I could have a copy of it soon.