Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Way or Another by Elaine Raco Chase

Look what we found! A Kindle Sensual Romance Novel for $2.99 / £1.96!

A note from the author:

One Way or Another was the original title of my second novel, Tender Yearnings, #19 in the Dell Ecstasy Romance line published in 1981. It went into a record second printing after just one month!

I actually wrote the novel because I was told not to – that romance readers didn't want books where the heroine had a family, especially when they appeared in the same novel. How silly! So Abigail Wetherby was born, along with her mother and sister. Not only that, but my hero, Nick Maxwell came equipped with a father who fell in love with Abby's mom.

When I wrote this story, credit cards were just beginning to grow, the economy was still in trouble, gas cost a fortune, and computers were run by punch cards. I even mentioned the latest craze: having a home computer that printed on green and white paper! (I resisted getting a computer until 1988!)

I hope you will fall in love with this 'contemporary classic' and enjoy a time-capsule of the way we were.

Meet Abby, computer killer and prickly proprietress of the Cove Bookshop in Camden Cove, Virginia. She's a woman with many secrets, a mother and sister she fiercely protects, and a secluded, quiet life that has become a bit boring.

Enter Nick Maxwell, a man determined to bring Abby to her knees and into his arms – but he had more than a few secrets of his own.


"A true classic."

"Yet another entrancing story."

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  1. I loved these characters and it is indeed a classic. It's very easy to laugh and yet sympathize with Abby! And Nick is adorable and only outgunned by his father. It's a sweet romance that I promise will leave you smiling!

  2. I can't wait to read this book. I was so curious if what will be its ending. Thanks for posting it!

  3. Any book Elaine Raco Chase writes is fantastic. I have never regretted buying any of her books. Most I've done in print and in Kindle. She's a classic. Never given her anything less than a 5 star reveiw. Most of her books I have read at least twice. You can't lose with a ERC novel, so buy all of them. You will love her characters, plots, sesuality, and humor. Janelle Taylor, author

  4. Janelle, I feel the same about Elaine's books! Thank you so much for stopping by Kindle Romance Novels blog. I am honored to have you here!

  5. Ooh! A new Elaine Chase book. Can't wait to read it.