Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ghost Writers In the Sky by Anne R. Allen

Look! A Kindle Romantic Mystery for $2.99 / £1.53!

A Camilla Randall Mystery 

Dorothy Parker meets Agatha Christie.

"Chick-lit noir with a side of funny." - Ruth Harris, NYT best-selling author of "Modern Women" and "Husbands and Lovers".

"Chick-lit for brunettes." - Saffina Desforges, Kindle UK best-selling author of "Sugar & Spice" and the "Rose Red" crime thriller series.

After her celebrity ex-husband’s ironic joke about her “kinky sex habits” is misquoted in a tabloid, New York etiquette columnist Camilla Randall’s life unravels in bad late-night TV jokes.

Nearly broke and down to her last Herme’s scarf, she accepts an invitation to a Z-list Writers’ Conference in the wine-and-cowboy town of Santa Ynez, California, where, unfortunately, a cross-dressing dominatrix named Marva plies her trade by impersonating Camilla.

When a ghostwriter’s plot to blackmail celebrities with faked evidence leads to murder, Camilla must team up with Marva to stop the killer from striking again.

Grab yourself a glass of wine, a box of chocolates and a comfy sofa, and enjoy.


"The setting for this fast-moving mystery is that glamorous rural celebrity playground we've all seen backdropping upscale Westerns, the scenarios we'd love to live in if we but had the resources. Anne Allen creates a very recognizable facsimile of the classic Western, complete with the classic personas, to play out clever contortions of murder and mystery. All sorts of wannabe writers mill around the rustic setting of a writers' conference: dewy, suspicious, earnest, and funny, to populate the action with fascinating suspects. It's fun to read because of her ingenious and witty style. "

"If you're looking for pure entertainment with a nostalgic feel, and a game of follow the clues, you'll love this novel as much as I did."

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring Ghostwriters, Donna! It's a fun, wild ride for people who like screwball romantic comedies--especially anybody who's been to a writers conference, or is thinking about it.

    I love learning about new romantic books on this blog. This is the place to find affordable, fun summer reads!

  2. Anne is a great writer, this sounds very interesting... I'll have to check out Ghostwriters!

  3. Sounds very interesting! This blog is a right place to look for a great fantasy romance novels.