Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jealousy's Rage by Melissa Smith

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3.00!

Forget everything you think you know about the Gods of Olympus and Atlantis. Both are real, and both are hidden in plain sight.

Finally taking his long awaited vacation, Declan finds the one person who just might let him grow old. Although Ellie just might feel the same spark, she’s been mistreated one too many times in the past to trust. Seeing this challenge as one he knows he can win, Declan dives in head first.
But as in all things, his job gets in the way. It steals away his future and any hope at love.


  1. If it's anything like Melissa's other books--this will be great! Gotta get this :)

  2. Read it, loved it, and wrote a review. She is a very talented author.

  3. Thanks so much Penelope!
    And Maggy! You are too kind and deserve a huge hug!! XX