Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Night Lamp by Carol A. Spradling

Military confidant Cole McKnight will do anything to reclaim his home, even run bounties for an unprincipled bondsman. When Isa Foster becomes his latest assignment, Cole jeopardizes more than his property to bring her in.

Isa Foster has a bounty on her head and a dead friend at her feet. Accused of the murder, she must rely on her espionage training and wits to clear her name. Cole McKnight is one distraction she can’t afford.

With George Washington's impending inauguration and the birth of a nation hanging in the balance, Isa and Cole must work together to uncover the truth behind the murder. While Cole fights for his family home, and Isa for her very survival, their biggest battle may be fighting their attraction for each other.


"The characters are fascinating and keep the story moving well and will have the reader turning the pages to find out just what will happen next. The heroine is strong, likable, courageous and will do whatever she has to make sure that when she feels a wrong is being committed that the correct outcomes happens and not an injustice. The hero is also honorable and is determined to do the right thing even when it might cost him more that he would like. This story gives some interesting insight into a time period that sometimes we don't see enough of."

"Martha Washington was a traitor? What??? What other conclusion is a reader to draw from one of the most compelling prologues I've ever read? It drew me into the story immediately, to find out where the author was going with this. And what is a night lamp?"

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