Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sweet Seduction by Tania Tirraoro

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3! Sweet Seduction by Tania Tirraoro.

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 Millionaire businessman, Rufus Knightly, is used to getting what he wants in life. When artisan baker Livia Rossetti turns down both his offer to finance her cake company and a chance of romance, he's determined to change her mind.

Livia's just getting back on her feet after years of caring or her mother. Her lack of confidence in herself and lack of experience in love mean she's running scared from Rufus's campaign to win her round. Can she find the courage to grab his offer—and him—and convince herself it's not the recipe for disaster? If you like sweet’ll love Sweet Seduction.


"Sweet Seduction has everything set up for the romantic at heart; Livia, a lively young lady who desperately wants to succeed with her cake-making business, and Rufus, a good-looking millionaire who had a quiet 'thing' going for Livia when they were ten years younger."

"This is a really sweet romance that's light and so easy to get in to. I read it in one day, and it would be a perfect beach read. Definitely a feel good romance that will make you go "ah"!"

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