Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Margaret of the North by E Journey

"Margaret of the North is written eloquently and you really feel that the thoughts and feelings of these characters are genuine. The tone of the novel is not forced, but comes naturally. It is evident that the author understands her characters and took a great deal of time getting to know them before committing their story to paper. The plot is obvious but expected in a period piece.....If you want a deep, introspective, maybe even complex adventure of real life issues intercepting relationships, read this novel. [It] is written in a tone that is rarely ever seen in our own time. It is a treat." ~The First 7500 Words Review Blog

Margaret is a young woman in Victorian times contending with the press of modernity and industrialization and struggling with the age-old complexities of human relationships. After marrying John Thornton, Margaret faces challenges and influences those around her in her passage into maturity and modern womanhood.

The story includes a few illustrations by the author and unabashedly serves up a romance—both Victorian and modern—that just might hit that spot for guilty pleasures.

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"Reading this was a guilty pleasure."

"I do feel that this follow-on to "North and South" was a worthwhile read..."

"I would recommend this for anyone who loved North & South..."

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