Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zo White and the Seven Morphs by Barbara Silkstone

Look! A brand new Kindle Comedy Mystery Romance Novel!

“Wickedly funny! A great fashion statement!” ~Spidey

“I give this book five out of five eagle feathers, although masked heroes are a stretch.”

“A hopping good novel that proves it isn’t easy being Green.” ~ K. Frogg

Who is Zo White? Who are the Morphs? Will they live happily ever after?

Best-selling author Barbara Silkstone delights with another madcap riff on a classic.

Zo White, aerial dancer and star performer in the Grimm Brothers’ Cirque is stalked by an unknown assassin. The Seven Morphs acrobatic team tumble to her rescue while preparing to leave on a covert mission. What secrets are hidden by their bright colored spandex body suits and will Zo find love with Green Morph?

Throw in outrageous plot twists, a magic mirror, 400 baby turtles, a giant python, Miami mobsters, and a few murders on the side, and it all adds up to a zany whodunit that keeps you laughing and guessing till the end.

Book three in the Fractured Fairy Tales by Silkstone series.


"Although the plot is humorous, it is also full of murder, mystery, and intrigue. I find that, because of this, it is probably a lot closer to what fairy tales were originally intended to be. This is obviously not a story for children, but really, neither were most of the original fairy tales. I found the book to be quite witty, and I loved the subtle little references to many other fairy tales scattered throughout the book. The book moves quickly, so readers need to stay on their toes. At the end of the story, it will feel like you have been on a wild ride. And like any ride, some will love it and some will hate it. I went into this book looking for a flippant, slightly irreverent, funny alternative to the cookie cutter princess heroine. And I think the book delivered just that." ~Tiffany A. Harkleroad, Amazon Top 1000 Vine Voice Reviewer

"This book is a light-hearted comedy, full of guys in Morph suits, turtles, and high-flying fun! A short read that makes for a pleasant night of comedy (and some mild tragedy)...definitely add this one to your "just because" book collection! Another fun and definitely fractured Fairy Tale from Barbara Silkstone. :) 2 thumbs up!" ~KBaker3 on Amazon

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