Thursday, August 9, 2012

Second Chances by Dannye Williamsen

Look what we found! A paranormal romance for Kindle for under $2!

Haunted by an apparition who threatens her life and the lives of her friends, Freddie Marsh, a successful commodity analyst, searches for answers and finds herself facing her worst nightmare. The darkness she senses in this ghostly stalker is more than her imagination. Reluctant to embrace the powers she has always dismissed, she follows the guidance of a wolf known as Avatar, who knows well the power of the darkness stalking her.

The confrontation with her ghostly stalker disrupts the status quo. Freddie’s addiction to control has always isolated her from close relationships, leaving work as the only stable connection in her life. Now, as every corner of her life is invaded, her self-sufficiency is lost. She must trust others if she is to survive, and most of all, she must risk trusting herself because using the paranormal ability she fears is the only way she can survive.

Her stalker’s rage at the perversity of his world long ago unleashed his power, and now control over the world around him, including Freddie, becomes his quest. The intensity of his negativity hurtles them both toward the edge of extinction.

"The past is rarely the past. It weaves a thread through every thought, every breath for generations to come." -The Book of Metanoia

Your heart will beat to the rhythm from the blending of suspense with the paranormal in this psychologically absorbing novel!

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