Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When Love Collides by Michelle Sutton

She longs for physical healing, but God uses someone from a dark time in her past to heal something more important…her heart.

Ten years ago Raquel dumped Scott for an abusive man, only she didn’t know Scott loved her in a romantic way. She thought they were just good friends because Scott never made his feelings known. Ten years later they meet up again, only now she's a widow—emotionally fragile from years of abuse—and in need of a friend she can trust. She is taking care of her aunt who has cancer, but now her own health is failing. Scott never got over Raquel and he worries he will fall in love with her again. Her past rejection causes Scott to guard his heart as he helps her navigate the unwanted changes in her life. Over time he begins to trust her again as she fights discouragement over her diagnosis. He gives Raquel the unconditional love she has always longed for, but will that be enough?


"In some ways, this book reminded me of Nicholas Sparks. It's a touching story with a realistic ending - you fill in the blanks. What I appreciate about this book, and others by this author, is her ability to write passionate, even sensual, love stories without the smut and that still have a very strong Christian theme. It is definitely 'edgy' in terms of typical Christian fiction, but still tasteful."

"This is a definite feel good read." ~Matilda, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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    1. It's my only "love story" romance. The rest of my books are category romance and women's fiction or YA.