Thursday, August 23, 2012

Still Waters by Misha Crews

A tragic death... A disturbing photo that can't be explained... A woman drowning in an ocean of secrets...

In 1950s Virginia, Jenna Appleton seems to have found the life she's always wanted. But underneath the shallow gleam of her bright suburban world, murky truths are waiting to surface.

On the morning that her husband dies in a tragic accident, Jenna finds a shocking photo of him in the arms of a beautiful woman. And before she can ask him about it, he's gone forever.

Five years later, Jenna has buried her questions and remade her life. But the reappearance of an old love stirs up guilty questions, and she realizes that some secrets aren't meant to be kept. The deeper she dives for answers, the darker the water gets. How will she find happiness for herself and her family, when every move she makes toward the strange and awful truth seems to lead her right back to her own home shores?


"I  read and loved Misha Crews' first novel Homesong, and I have to say, Still Waters has not disappointed AT ALL. This second book is just as compelling if not more so. She vividly recreates the world of 1950 Arlington, Virginia. A time when people were just learning to move on from WWII. And, as with Homesong, she has proven to be a writer who knows the importance of character. I fell in love with Jenna, her son Chris, her once-lover Adam, and her in-laws, Kitty and Bill. Mostly, the intricate storyline of family secrets tearing a family apart that kept me turning the pages. Really a wonderful read!" ~Author Karen Cantwell, on Amazon

"The story is well crafted. The characters are interesting and it is easy to feel that you might have known them. I like the way the author wrote the story like a Russian Matryoshka doll; open the doll and there is another doll inside, open that one and...well you get the idea. The tale rolls along, gaining mystery and suspense until the ending which is quite the eye opener. I should tell you how it all ends, but that's no fun. Pick up a copy and find out for yourself. I'm sure you will be more than pleased, I was." ~Robert Johnson

"Still Waters is a tale of passion, the pull of family ties, the divisiveness of racial barriers and one woman's triumph. A wonderful story of real-life courage." ~Mary Ellison

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  1. Donna, thanks so much for having STILL WATERS on your beautiful blog! :)

  2. You're welcome! Happy to have you!

  3. This sounds like a great read! I'll have to add it to my list. Best of luck, Misha!

  4. STILL WATERS sounds like a compelling romantic mystery. I'm intrigued by the originality of your setting of 1950s Arlington.

  5. Great cover, and you hooked me with the "drowning in an ocean of secrets." Just added this one to my to-be-read pile.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. @Tracy - Thank you so much! I really hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think. :)

    @Diana - I appreciate that! It was an interesting time and place to write about. I will probably set more stories there in the future.

    @Nancy - I'm totally tickled with that cover too. :) My cover artist is Katerina Vamvasaki. Isn't she talented? I really hope you enjoy the book!