Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Landlord by June Bryan Belfie

We found a Kindle Inspirational Romance Novel for $5.99 / £3.93!

"What a wonderful sweet romance." ~Coffee Time Romance

When a young woman is confronted with her feelings for her handsome new landlord, she realizes he may not be available. He keeps reappearing, but then two other interesting men enter her life to further confuse her and she is ready to give up all men and settle for life with her double-toed cat, Spud. Has God brought one of these men into her life to be her future husband, and if so -- which one?

Kristen, a lovely young college graduate, struggles to find employment and deal with her feelings of loneliness and rejection after her boyfriend drops her without explanation. Along comes a new landlord -- a handsome and successful realtor named Dave, who starts off on the wrong footing by restricting all pets from the premises. She will not give up her cat -- her faithful companion. A leaking toilet, a squeaking door, and a trip to the gym, all act as collision courses for the two who become good friends - or are they? Kristen soon finds herself facing a new crisis. Does she take back her old boyfriend, who has re-appeared, date a young lawyer who finds her fascinating, or wait for the man who appears to have other interests?


"June Bryan Belfie is one of my favorite authors. Everything she writes takes you into another world where you meet people you feel you have known all your life."

"This was a fun, fast, feel good read with characters you will enjoy reading about."

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