Friday, March 30, 2012

The Gift of Joy by Valerie Maarten

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When Joy Tate was just a na├»ve, little girl who still believed in dreams and wishes, she had only one wish for Santa Claus. It was a selfish hope that caused her to lose the most important person in her life. Now all she wishes for is…THE GIFT OF REDEMPTION

Gabriel Hawthorne spent his entire childhood ignoring the sad, lonely girl from across the street, but could never fully keep her from his thoughts. But after reuniting with her, he’s impressed with the strong, fierce advocate she’s become. And when he’s with her, she gives him the greatest gift of all…THE GIFT OF JOY

This version of The Gift of Joy is recommended for readers 18 yrs and older.

Reader reviews:

"I would highly recommend this book to those that enjoy women's fiction with a warning that it does have some tough subject matter, but is mostly an uplifting (yet not religious) story of hope --- and of joy." Candy Beauchamp of Candy's Raves

"Overall, this was a heartwarming book. I wanted a happy ending after all Joy had been through, and I wasn't disappointed" ~ Ruth Ann Nordin on Amazon


  1. The Gift of Joy is an inspiring book. Happy to see it posted her. I love Valerie Maarten's writings.

  2. Love Val's work, both her romances and her thrillers are fantastic!