Monday, March 12, 2012

Unbidden by Jill Hughey

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3!

Running an estate was not women's work in 831 Francia. No one told Rochelle. Until David did.

A whirling romance in the enchanting world of Charlemagne’s Empire. Rochelle of Alda, a feisty Franc noblewoman, expects to continue her industrious life managing her family’s estate. But when her emperor summons her to the palace to meet the skilled soldier she is required to marry for political reasons, Rochelle quickly engages in a battle for independence from David of Bavaria. Even as her own deceptions multiply she suspects another of also plotting against their marriage. To her surprise, and too late, David’s passion and patience begin to win her heart. Can their love survive the tangled web of her schemes and the secret adversary David refuses to see?

Unbidden is Book One in the Evolution Series.


  1. The author is Jill Hughey. Unbidden is a fantastic read!

  2. Thank you Jean. I am very excited to be featured here!