Monday, May 7, 2012

Scarlet Ribbons by Judith E. French

A wonderful historical romance for your Kindle. Scarlet Ribbons by Judith E. French - a Kindle Romance Novel for under $3. 
Sarah Turner, a known Tory, has been running King's Landing Inn. The Continentals send Forest Irons, a wildly attractive Patriot undercover agent to the inn to spy on Sarah. As the American Revolution sweeps the colonies, Sarah and Forest find themselves drawn into the heat of battle and unable to deny their overwhelming passion and love for each other. 
French has done an incredible job with this 390 page multifaceted book. The Revolution is in full bloom and its hard to tell who is a patriot and who is a Tory and people get killed if they are wrong. Sarah Turner is a young wife with a little boy trying to survive by keeping "kings Landing Inn" open. Sarah's husband, Obediah is a beast who beat her and abused her and forced her into marriage but he is thankfully off fighting the war. His brother Issac, who is even more evil and vile, "checks" on Sarah from time to time waiting to get his hands on her, the inn and her son (and any supplies she may have). Actually Isaac is the leader of a band of renegade cutthroats who kill for the fun of it. In addition to the inn, she ferries people across the river and is desperately in need of physical help when Abe Forrest shows up and saves her from marauders. Despite his straggling red hair, unkempt beard, eye-patch and low born speech, Sarah hires him on. Soon she and her son care about this mountain man. However Forrest is having trouble. He is a Patriot spy sent to spy on this inn and this woman who is a strong loyalist. They survive many bad situations and have to run for their lives, find the bad guys, help win the war, etc....And somehow Sarah has to explain to Forrest that her husband is buried in her yard!!and she is being blackmailed. Very strong characters, hunky guy with or without his eye-patch, incredibly brave woman with a sense of humor, terrific writing ...this is a real treat.
I never tire of reading about our nations struggles for liberty. 

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  1. I loved Scarlett Ribbons. So glad it's available on Kindle now.